Trace Instruction


Recent figures suggest that more than 35% of letters to debtors returned marked ‘Gone-Away’ are actually still there but have been incorrectly addressed or deliberately returned. A further 20% have moved away from the last known address with no actual intent to avoid payment to creditors.

LPL’s Trace Service will quickly and efficiently report and in the majority of cases find a new address and thereafter LPL systems can collect outstanding debts

When a debtor has already vacated an address it is never necessary to discard ‘Returned Mail’ accounts? Using last known address, together with full individual or business names LPL’s Trace service can ascertain and confirmed current residential or trading addresses to establish the current whereabouts of absconders.

Trace Enquiries are carried out by highly experienced tracing experts, who will examine relevant databases as well as carrying out in-depth telephone and, subject to the required level of instruction, relevant on-site investigations. Information is reported back to you within the set time-frame, providing you with a confirmed current residential or trading address together with possible contact numbers, if available. All enquiries are carried out within current Statutory Guidelines and Compliance procedures, protecting your business and reputation, as well as ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and success.

LPL has several levels of enquiry available:

Level 1: For a low fee of £35.00+VAT – No Find – No Fee, using last known address together with full individual and business names LPL will ascertain a confirmed current residential or trading address.
Level 2: In-depth investigator reports – regionally based private investigators will usually visit the last known address and obtain neighborhood information, report on assets, search and obtain public and statutorily available electronic records and give a full report. This comprehensive report will tell you exactly what the position is and whether further action is going to be effective and cost effective.
Level 3: Asset inquiries, Pre-Sue reports, Due Diligence reports, designed to give you in-depth knowledge of a debtors ability to repay significant debt or give you further information for takeovers or sales projects.

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