Slow Payers – Letter Before Action

Flat – Fee Unit Debt Recovery (Letter Before Action) Service


LPL offers a unique Flat Fee Debt Recovery (Letter Before Action) service ideally suited to those clients who operate business to business current sales ledgers and experience slow payment on accounts between 90 – 120 days old and beyond.

The service consists of Debt Collection Agency Demand Letters together with a Solicitor’s Demand. This Letter Before Action Debt Collection service advises the customer to remit payments direct to you as our client, speeding up cash flow and sorting out any problems relating to the account, with no additional charges incurred by you.

Our objective is to act as an extension to your own credit control procedures with continued professionalism to ensure that the accounts you instruct LPL on are resolved swiftly and cost effectively.

The third party, Debt Recovery Agency Effect together with the threat of legal action and credit viability being affected, will have a vast effect on the reduction of your slow paying accounts, which will reflect a major increase in the cash flow of your business.

  • Debt Collection Agency Demands together with a Solicitors Letter
  • Low Flat Fee Unit costs
  • Immediate Same day Action
  • Payments sent directly to Client
  • Good-will maintained
  • Control of the account maintained
  • Results with fast turnaround
  • Debts Chased Worldwide
  • Unit services hold NO EXPIRY date (fair usage policy applies)
  • Regardless of Amount Outstanding
  • Client selects which accounts to send to LPL

75% of all debts, which are 60-180 days overdue, pay via LPL’s Flat Fee ‘Letter Before Action Collection Service’

Once a debt has been paid within LPL 1st Stage Letter Service, NO FURTHER CHARGES APPLY

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