Problem Payers

No Recovery – No Fee Debt Collection Service


Used as a last resort before legal proceedings one of our trained and experienced team of Debt Recovery Account Handlers will establish direct contact with the debtor, same day as instructed and whilst securing payment on your behalf they will ascertain the exact cause of non-payment, ensuring movement towards resolving queries, disputes, cash flow problems and, of course, full collection.

LPL’s No Recovery – No Fee Debt Collection Service acts as a follow on to our 1st Stage Letter Before Action service or is used as a stand alone procedure. Both can cater for any type of commercial debt and will, based on a No Recovery – No Fee system, be successful using our controlled and direct approach.

Direct Debt Collection Agency Intervention in order to achieve:

  • Full payment
  • Verifying Reasons for non payment
  • Establishing Ability to pay
  • Avoiding Legal Costs
  • Arranging Payment Plans
  • Using Tracing and Status Reports
  • Legal Services if required (subject to terms)
  • Ensuring movement towards resolving queries, disputes, credits, contractual amendments, off-hire notices, cash flows or other arrangements to secure a satisfactory outcome to the problem, and, of course full collection.

Direct Contact

  • Letter and Telephone back-up
  • Sorting Queries
  • Monitoring Payments
  • Establishing legal responsibility
  • Establishing if Legal proceedings would be economically effective
  • Advising Client of Best Action
  • Reporting to Client at regular intervals

LPL’s approach is totally flexible

It allows us to evaluate the needs of our Client and offer services tailored to meet specific requirements. Our ‘Percentage Only’ service allows instruction with no initial cost risk. At the same time our expert Account Handlers are well versed in the art of separating out the delaying tactic and can then deal with the real reason behind non payment.

Knowing when best to use the threat of debtor credit viability and legal action can prove vital in saving time and expense through the court system.

With experience in many industry sectors our team is able to deal immediately with problems such as Retention in the Construction Sector to Licensing and Contract Termination problems affecting Computer Software and Servicing Industries.

  • Worldwide Service
  • Same day Action
  • Movement expected from initial phone call
  • Day to Day management and monitoring of each case
  • No cost risk involved
  • Direct LPL Investigation avoids lengthy defended legal actions
  • Recovery of Statutory or Contractual Costs and Interest (as applicable)
  • Full back-up support and advice available

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