About Us

In 1978 the partners of LPL established a Debt Collection Agency, with the head office based in Essex. It evolved into what is now ‘The LPL Group.

During this time LPL has gained an enviable reputation as specialists in Business to Business Debt Recovery and ancillary Debt Collection services.

Maintaining our core principle of providing a personal service, not just to the thousands of clients we have been fortunate to work for, but also to their customers, in striving to provide a professional and effective service.

Debt Collection can sometimes be misconceived, however, LPL helps businesses protect their Cash Flow, resolving the issues preventing payment. Whether it be a professional reminder or addressing the root of the problem to ensure a win-win scenario.

Whether we are acting on behalf of a SME, being the life blood of their Cash Flow, or forming an integral niche as part of a larger business’s credit policy procedure LPL acts as a continuation to a Credit Control department in our third party capacity. LPL is a viable and effective economical option prior to legal proceedings to recover a debt.

We continue to collect where possible and, if not, provide advice to clients, working within their ethos and serving their best interests.

As third party specialists we are acutely aware of sensitive issues in all sectors, which can effect payment. We continue to advise clients effectively and provide training workshops in order to –

‘’Control Credit before Credit Controls You’’




Our Role – What we do:

Trading into our sixth decade LPL has maintained the same modus operandi on a simple principle:

Most overdue accounts are collectable. However they require the correct inducement to effect collection. Therefore any third party action must retain goodwill whilst offering cost effective intervention coupled with reliability and professionalism.

LPL offers third party debt recovery intervention when your own credit control efforts have been thwarted.

Our experience and professional methods of collection are designed with the sole intent of protecting your reputation, enhancing your customer retention and loyalty and maximising your cash flow.

Recognising our clients needs whilst acting as a continuation of your credit control department, LPL effectively and swiftly enhances your credit policy. Via a third party approach we ensure that we manage and monitor effective movement of the account towards fast recovery from the slow payer or problem accounts, whether commercial or consumer debt.

Ultimately with costs and risk in mind, our dedicated team is personally at hand to advise you. Thus reducing the risk of disputes or defended actions, allowing LPL to successfully collect the debt prior to legal proceedings.



Our Objective:

To initiate a collection procedure with ‘same day action’, allowing our account handlers to secure payment on your behalf. We will also endeavour to establish direct contact and ascertain the exact cause of non payment, whist ensuring movement towards resolving queries, disputes and cash flows.

To create an effective partnership, acting as a continued extension of your credit control department, ensuring improved cash flow and protection of your relationship with customers, building towards a future respect of your payment terms.

The LPL Group employs a dedicated team of professionals focused on delivering the very best results for our clients.



Our History:

In 1978 three partners set about starting up a Debt Collection Agency

Since then we have worked for thousands of businesses providing an essential, integral service to Credit Control, Accounts Departments or Shared Services teams, or simply a life line of support to a small business’s cash flow.

Many of LPL’s clients have remained loyal to LPL and enjoyed relationships with us for several decades.

We have seen the Credit Industry evolve during this time but one thing remains, there is always a risk involved when extending credit whether it be a long standing or new customer.

How you minimise that risk is key to safeguarding your Cash Flow.

LPL has and will always work hand in hand with our clients, offering a flexible and  personal rather than automated debt collection service.




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