County/High Court Proceedings

In some cases, as part of the debt collection process LPL will recommend County or High Court legal proceedings. LPL in association with Harris da Silva Solicitors, offer a comprehensive legal service in England and Wales. We also have legal representation worldwide.

In England and Wales this includes the issuing of legal proceedings through to obtaining judgement, execution, third party debt orders, charging orders, winding up or bankruptcy proceedings as well as other enforcement procedures.

Our services include dealing with all the documentation on your behalf and liaising with Harris da Silva throughout to ensure that the County Court proceedings are conducted as expeditiously as possible.

When a successful collection is achieved, which often includes interest and statutory costs, the majority of overall costs of the proceedings will generally be recovered from the customer.

LPL does as much as possible to ensure that the legal system is utilised quickly, successfully and cost effectively.

If you have any questions on the above or if you require details on commencing legal proceedings outside England and Wales, please contact us on:
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Cost of undefended court proceedings

Debt amount including interest, late payment compensation Court issue fee required to commence proceedings Solicitors' charges Statutory costs recoverable from customer Total costs payable by you if successful Total cost payable by you if unsuccessful
£1.00 - £300 £35.00 £134.00 £95.00 £74.00 £169.00
£301 - £499 £50.00 £135.00 £105.00 £80.00 £185.00
£500 - £1000 £70.00 £162.00 £155.00 £77.00 £232.00
£1001 - £1500 £80.00 £189.00 £205.00 £64.00 £269.00
£1500 - £2000 £115.00 £189.00 £210.00 £94.00 £304.00
£2000 - £3000 £115.00 £230.00 £210.00 £135.00 £345.00
£3001 - £5000 £205.00 £286.00 £290.00 £201.00 £491.00
£5000 - £10,000 £455.00 £355.00 £370.00 £440.00 £810.00
£10,000 - £15,000 £455.00 £503.00 £370.00 £588.00 £958.00
£15,000 - £50,000 £610.00 £531.00 £535.00 £606.00 £1,141.00
£50,000 - £100,000 £910.00 £531.00 £745.00 £696.00 £1,441.00
£100,000 - £150,000 £1115.00 £531.00 £975.00 £671.00 £1,646.00
£150,000 upwards From £1,315.00 £531.00 £990.00 £856.00 From £1,846.00

Example of a successful recovery

6 months overdue £500 + int £21.25 plus £90 for Compensation on two invoices. Total debt: £611.25 Initial disbursement £70.00 Solicitors' charges £162.00 Paid by Customer: £611.25 + £155 costs Paid £766.25 Total to Client on success £766.25 less £232.00 Balance to client £534.25. A net gain of £34.25

What does it cost to take legal action?

Litigation Procedures

Commencing Legal Proceedings

The disbursements required are set out in the above table. A completed Litigation Instruction Form and all supporting documentation must also be forwarded to LPL, to start the process.

Terms and Conditions

Should you choose to include contractual interest and/or other collection charges in your claim against the cutomer, you will be required to satisfy the Court that you have Terms & Conditions of trading which are incorporated in the contract with the customer clearly displaying a clause giving you the right to charge contractual interest and/or other reasonable charges. In that event our solicitors will automatically calculate the appropriate amount of interest to be added to the claim. If you choose to include contractual interest, you must ensure that you include a copy of your Terms & Conditions with your instruction to LPL.

Money Laundering Regulations

Unless this has been provided previously, in accordance with Money Laundering Regulations, our solicitors will require an authorised signatory from you, as our client company. The authorised signatory will also need to provide a copy of the photo page of their passport or a copy of their driving licence together with a copy of the company's Certificate of Registration. In the case of a Sole Trader or Partnership, two utility bills plus passport or driving licence photo page copies are required. This information will not be asked for again for any future instructions.

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