Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does LPL have customers in my particular line of business?

A: Within the last 40 years we have had the pleasure of assisting almost 20,000 clients in all industry categories. Ranging from many household names to sole proprietors, our specific industry knowledge in many sectors has continued to grow thereby assisting in speedier collections.

Q: Does LPL have access to B2B Credit Information?

A: Yes, to further gauge the shape of collection and the liquidity and solvency of the debtor enabling more effective collection.

Q: Does LPL provide Tracing services?

A: Yes, full tracing facilities are available from standard to private investigations ensuring that the momentum of the collection cycle remains constant.

Q: Does LPL add Late Payment Interest and Compensation to individual debts?

A: Where client has requested we will be happy to calculate Interest and Compensation charges via the Late Payment Act 1998 or using client's own contractual terms and conditions. This tool should always be applied as further incentive for the debtor to settle.

Q: What Overseas collection skills does LPL have?

A: World Wide Network of legal representation, agents, cultural understanding experts, as well as highly trained in-house collectors.

Q: What Litigation Facilities does LPL offer, once all attempts to amicably resolve matters have failed?

A: Preferred Solicitors, World Wide Network with a continuous retained link via LPL for liaising and reporting.

Q: When will LPL report to me about the collection case?

A: LPL can facilitate an in-depth web based email report's on request.

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